Oval Mesh Poly Barrier Fence

oval mesh snow fence

Oval mesh barrier fence is a versatile shape that provides varying levels of protection throughout the three different styles that we offer. From lightweight to heavy-duty and everything in between, an oval mesh poly fence can provide the coverage you desire in various applications.

Below we have provided the details for each style of oval mesh barrier fence so you can make an educated decision on which one would work best for your needs.

Oriented Oval Flat Mesh

The oriented oval flat mesh is a medium-weight barrier fence that is an economical alternative to purchasing a heavy-duty snow barrier mesh. Although this fence does not meet set safety requirements to be used for commercial snow control, this barrier fence is effective in providing residential snowdrift control. This barrier fence is also ideal for construction sites, crowd control, access roads, and sporting events.

Oriented Oval Mesh

Oriented oval mesh is a cost-effective and lightweight option to secure an area. Designed specifically to make crowd control easy, this barrier fence can be set up and torn down in a record amount of time to avoid headaches and keep everyone safe as possible. This oval mesh is created by stretching the plastic under heat. This allows for the plastic to maintain all its strength while not being too bulky and keeping high visibility.

Oriented Oval Mesh Snow Control

Our oval mesh for snow control meets state and local government requirements making it perfect for both commercial and residential use for controlling snow and ice during the winter. Proper snow control comes down to the mesh hole size. If too large, the snow will not drift evenly enough causing hazardous conditions on the roads or other areas where it is protected. That is why our oval snow control barrier fences are designed with nominal mesh openings at 55% to ensure the snow drifts appropriately every time. Made from reliable high-density polyethylene, this snow fence is able to withstand wind, snow, and cold temperatures with ease.

All our oval mesh barrier fences come in various colors and roll sizes so each customer can receive the exact fence that is perfect for their unique installation. Choose the ideal barrier fence for your home or business today by looking over our extensive oval mesh barrier fence selection.

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