Burlap Concrete Curing Blankets

Concrete Burlap For Curing

Since construction is a tough job, you need all the best materials when starting a new project. A critical piece of any construction project is a concrete curing blanket.

These blankets are made for heavy-duty use and will not falter when aiding in creating a better surface for concrete. Use these blankets for any new project requiring concrete pouring on a flat surface.

Is It Necessary To Use A Concrete Curing Burlap Blanket?

While you are not required to use one for a large concrete project, these blankets will help cure new concrete. This blanket keeps your concrete from drying out and holding a humid layer on top of the concrete.

If your concrete dries too fast, it can go through cracking and shrinkage due to fast moisture loss. This should be avoided if you don’t want to repeat the process of pouring the concrete again. Plus, once the concrete is set in its cracked state, it is much harder to remove.

This damage could occur due to the following:

  • Conditions On The Jobsite
  • Problems With Proper Mixing
  • Water-To-Cement Ratio
  • Temperature Of The Concrete

However, you can avoid these future problems by being proactive and using a curing blanket on top of concrete.

How Do I Use A Curing Blanket?

To use a curing blanket, place your concrete and then set the burlap blanket over it. It is straightforward to use, and best of all, burlap blankets are made from eco-friendly material so that this material will compost over time.

Unlike some curing blankets made from polyethylene, it is easy to use. If you are not using it for concrete curing, it can be used in a vegetable garden or any other outdoor project that needs a protective layer.

To use burlap for concrete curing:

  1. Cut the burlap to the correct size for your entire concrete surface and ensure some overlap on the edges.
  2. When the concrete is dry enough to sustain the weight of the burlap, carefully place the burlap on the surface, covering the concrete and any edges.
  3. Occasionally spray the burlap with water to keep it wet. This will aid in stopping the burlap from drying out and removing moisture from the cement.
  4. Every few minutes, check that the concrete is curing well. Once the concrete is at the point where it has cured correctly, remove the burlap, and throw it away.

Once you have accomplished these steps, you have successfully cured concrete with your burlap curing blanket.

Are There Other Uses For A Concrete Curing Blanket?

It is a definite yes. Concrete curing blankets are used for erosion control, privacy screening, and fruiting and harvesting mushrooms. It is a multi-purpose blanket, so even if you have some extra remaining, it can be used for the purposes listed.

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