Purposeful Snow Fence

In today's modern world, does old-fashioned snow fence serve a purpose? The answer: Yes. These low-tech, inexpensive barriers make a dent on the amount of snow you want to keep in or out of an area. Great for parking lots, airports, farms, and construction sites, snow fence is one of those simple ideas that can make a huge impact.

Fence has no doubt been around for ages. People needed a safety net between wild animals, other people, and the weather. Whoever learned that they could control the pattern of snowfall was smart, and people have been using this easy snow control method since. 

It's funny to think that, way back when, snow fence played a part in slowing down the mail service and other means of transportation. We've come a long way since - placing the barriers in areas where they won't be in the way of important traffic, and making plastic snow fence in bright colors, like yellow and orange, for safety precautions.

Because of its versatility and the types of snow fence available, it can be used for a variety of other means. Plastic snow fence can double as a safety fence around construction sites, and the posts of wooden snow fence can be broken and thrown into a compost pile for eco-friendly decay. Snow fence also makes a fantastic sand fence.

With snow fence, you can avoid noisy snow blowers that eat up power and gas. It doesn't require any extra tools or energy to maintain - just install, and you're set for the winter. Even with the scare of global warming, snow falls each year, and snow fence provides a simple, cheap method of containing it.

Purposes of Snow Fence