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Quest Burlap Roll 40" x 30' - BR35

Quest Burlap Roll 40" x 30' - BR35
The Quest Burlap Burlap Roll is a cost-effective, quick to install solution to protect shrubs, trees, potted plants and more from fall and winter damage. The breathable burlap material measures 40" x 30' and is designed to allow air to circlulate preventing heat and moisture build up inside. Burlap proves to be very handy on the farm and can be used or leaf toting, transplanting, lawn erosion control, and more.

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The Quest Burlap Roll is specifically designed to protect plants from harsh fall and winter damage. The lightweight burlap protects against wind, salt, snow, and freezing rain. Suitable to wrap shrubs, trees, and more, the Quest Burlap Roll will protect your evergreeens all season. The versatile burlap can be used for many outdoor projects including leaf toting, transplanting trees and shrubs, and even as shade cloth for hoophouses.


• Size: 40" x 30'
• Material: Burlap
• Reusable Material
• Prevents Winter Burn
• Protects Against Wind, Salt, Snow, And Freezing Rain
• Burlap Allows Air To Circulate Unlike Other Materials

Wrapping Applications:

• Outdoor Potted Plants
• Shrubs And Trees During Cold Snaps
• New Trees For At Least Two Winters
• Azaleas, Camellias, And Rhododendrons

Other Uses:

• Leaf Toting
• Transplanting
• Lawn Erosion Control
• Shade Cloth For Hoophouses

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Quest Burlap Roll 40" x 30' - BR35